Commercial Interiors

Proici’s Superior Commercial Design and Fit-outs

Bespoke Commercial designs which reflects your brand and expresses your core values to your consumers

Proici are specialists in office design and turnkey fit-outs, having worked with a wealth of companies over an 18-year period, many being blue chip companies or SMEs, of which we have provided individually tailored and high-quality brand focused designs.

Our aim is to work with you to merge comfort, efficiency, sustainability and practicality into all our designs in order to create an ideal working environment that will improve your staff’s motivation and happiness in the workplace whilst making sure your business is always working at maximum efficiency.

Interior design is a very personal process that requires us to have an extensive knowledge of your company ethics, culture and your own personal tastes, our experienced team study these aspects so that they can create a design that expresses your core values.

Tastes differ from person to person and whilst some may think contemporary design to be tasteful, others opinion may differ. Proici set sail on this ocean of differences on a daily basis, always gaining new insights, ideas and solutions to fit almost every taste and budget presented to us.

Workplace Strategy – Flexible work solutions:

It has been proven that a badly designed workspace can cause stress and lower morale within the workplace, leading to a loss in performance and potentially profit. Our workplace analysis is in place to make sure we offer a tailored solution for your company that will improve staff morale, health and increase your staff’s overall performance. This can be done by analysing how your employees work and what their requirements are and then we can provide adequate solutions within your budget to improve their experience whilst boosting productivity.

Site Survey:

We will first undertake a broad and precise site survey of your space so we can appraise the site and see how we can make practical and efficient use of your existing space. During this time, we are well placed to identify and rectify any possible areas of concern within the environment in regards to design, planning and even safety issues.

On completion, our design team will work on creating a CAD drawing of the space for further planning moving forward.

Bespoke Commercial Design:

We offer bespoke design for almost every aspect of the design and the choice of styles available to you are quite literally only limited by your imagination or budget. Whether you need an exclusive company custom glass partition manifestation or your company emblem embedded in boardroom table, we can and will provide.

The Proici have a highly experienced in-house team who measure and then will develop a CAD drawing of your entire space in order to both conceptualise ideas and also to plan in immaculate detail how your fit-out will be conducted.  On agreeing on the design, our professional fit-out team can begin.

Proici Commercial Fit-outs:

We have been fitting offices on a regular basis ever since our inception, building up experience and expertise in which products to use for every possible requirement. We make sure to causes little to no disruption to the inner workings of your company whilst we provide our fit-out service, meaning that your company can keep operational during the entire process.

Proici have worked with a sizable selection of high quality manufacturers, with our selection ever increasing meaning we can offer everything from furniture and partitions through to electronics, cabling and air conditioning. All the manufacturers we use are tried and tested by us so that we can personally ensure the quality and durability of all furniture products that use and can even offer samples of certain products to try yourself.

Our fit-outs and design services include the installations of:

  • Partitions
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Washrooms
  • Cabling
  • Furniture fitting
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Signage
  • Ceiling
  • Flooring