Product Selection

Product selection

Proici provides a diverse knowledge within many divisions related to commercial interiors including the sourcing and installation of an ever-expanding range of furniture, appliances and fixtures for almost every requirement. We can guarantee to offer the most stylish, durable and cost effective products to fit any sector, environment and budget from small offices spaces to executive offices, retail store to shopping centres.

At Proici we are relentless on the quality of all the products we provide, as such we try and test products from all the nations leading distributors that we predominantly work with so that we can ensure the longevity and quality of their products over time. We will always provide unbiased advice as we are not bound by our selection of manufacturers and are always open to new partnerships with reliable sources when necessary to get the most optimal results for you.

When actively working on one of our professional interior design projects or conducting an immaculate fit-out, we will acquire samples of the products and materials that are needed in quantity so you can experience the items first-hand before committing to the purchase. These products will be held at our showroom in Long Bennington where you can visit to try them out, or in the case of smaller products we can bring them directly to the site for you.

It is important to know that there is more than just comfort to consider when selecting a piece of furniture, it needs to also be stylish, functional, affordable and durable whilst being able to define your company’s image. In order to envision your company’s image within your fit-out, it is common for us to conceptualise exclusive bespoke items.

Your selection of products will be applied to your design package, where our in-house design team will create CAD drawings in order to assess the quantity needed and how we can apply them to your space effectively and efficiently.

Proici Bespoke Products

Our highly experienced in-design teams have conceptualised and created a plethora of bespoke, one of a kind furniture pieces alongside our manufacturers to give our customers that distinct presence that they had envisioned. We offer this bespoke service for almost every aspect of our fit-out design, from simple glass partition manifestations and logo embedment to abnormally shaped boardroom tables which fold into itself. This range of choice is only outclassed by the scope of customisation available for each item, from the material used to the finish applied, the only constraint here is your imagination and budget.

Proici is always keeping up with the latest AV and IT technologies meaning we know how to implement electronics seamlessly into your bespoke furniture, making it not just unique but also functional for purpose.

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