Dilapidation Works

Dilapidation and Refurbishment

For Tenants and Landlords

Proici Commercial Interiors have trained and experienced members of staff under our employ who specialise in dilapidation and refurbishment works within the commercial, industrial, retail and public sectors. Whether you require dilapidation refurbishment works to a modern office block, a large retail centre or anything in-between, Proici Commercial Interiors have the knowledge and experience to carry out the required works competitively and with minimal disruption to your workforce.

Our work allows our clients to restore their property or “item” to its original state as their contracted “Schedule of Dilapidations” enforces or improve on its original design in accordance to the landlords requirements. Our services allow us to provide every service required to repair the dilapidated property, often creating a large saving over employing each service separately.

Due to our nationwide, strategically placed office locations we can perform these services anywhere across the country, including Nottingham, London, Birmingham, Newcastle and many more.

Why should you work with Proici Commercial interiors?

  • Proven track record on a national basis
  • Dedicated Project Manager for duration of works
  • Potential Savings of between 40-60% from proposed landlord charges
  • Ability to work within tight timescales
  • Smooth – cost effective process

What are Dilapidations?

Commonly referred to as “Lease Exit Costs” by tenants – dilapidations or “Dilaps” are items of disrepair (or defects) identified via the landlord’s “Schedule of Dilapidations”. This is normally issued to the tenant towards the end of their lease period and covers both internal and external works with the repairs being required to be rectified by the tenant or they will have to pay to have them remedied under the original lease repairing covenant.

What services do we supply?

Proici Commercial Interiors can rectify almost any item of disrepair and at competitive rates, even being able to provide further services once the repairs are completed. We can often provide savings of between 40-60% from proposed landlord charges and a dedicated project manager will make sure our work is performed at the highest possible standard, even within tight timescales.

Below is a guide to our most common Dilapidation and refurbishment services:

  • Removal / Re-Installation of Office Partitions & Suspended Ceilings
  • Removal of Data, Server & IT Facilities
  • Building & Remedial work Dilapidations
  • Decoration & Finishes Dilapidations
  • Brickwork Dilapidations
  • Floor Painting & Floor Repair Dilapidations
  • Electrical Dilapidations
  • Mechanical & Electrical Dilapidations
  • Tarmac & Concrete Dilapidations
  • Car Park Dilapidations
  • Landscaping Dilapidations
  • Window & Glass Dilapidations
  • Interior Refurbishment Dilapidations
  • Plumbing & Drainage Dilapidations
  • Joinery Dilapidations
  • Cleaning Dilapidations
  • Roof Repair & Cleaning Dilapidations

How can a landlord benefit from our services?

Proici Commercial Interiors works within a multitude of sectors, providing a plethora of services which can be incorporated into your dilapidation works to modernise the current building, increasing the chance of attaining premium tenants or creating a quick turnover for the next occupier.

Our services that could benefit you, the Landlord:

  • Professional and Proven Modern Internal Designs.
  • Sustainable, long lasting Fit-Outs
  • Increased floor space via our Mezzanine Flooring solutions
  • Work to tight deadlines, quick property turnaround.
  • Cost efficient packaged solutions through a single company.

Let’s Discuss

We would be more than happy to discuss our services further with you or to advise you in regards to your requirements.

Please contact us either on our Email: info@proici.co.uk or call us on: 0800 043 4516