Retail Spaces

Proici Experienced Retail design and Fit-Out

Bespoke consumer based retail design and fit-out tailored around you

Proici have been working with companies in the retail sector for almost two decades, offering only the highest level of service, expertise and scope of work available in the industry, whether you need a refurbishment or own a derelict building, we will always provide a practical solution for you.

Successful and practical retail design can only be crafted around the understanding of your company, your ethics, customers and target market, as such our design team will discuss and study with you to make sure they first fully grasp your ideals, requirements and goals. Using this information our in-house design teams will create a design that can help you express your core values to your consumers whilst being practical and looking stylish.

We aspire to work alongside you to create a comfortable and practical environment that will improve morale in the workplace and make customers feel invited and complacent within the premises. This is something Proici Commercial Interiors specialises in and we are confident we can accomplish this goal on every project, no matter the challenge.

Communication is key in all our projects so whether it is with your company, landlords or local authority, we can make sure everything runs smoothly, obtaining permits and permissions where necessary. All the work we do will be fully compliant with the current building regulations and legislation and we will always advise and help you apply for any planning permissions if require.

Site Survey:

Our initial process is to conduct a comprehensive survey of your property in order to evaluate it and deliver a practical and functional space plan. While this is being initiated, we are well positioned to evaluate the property for any environmental concerns such as health hazards or damage which we will promptly attempt to remedy before continuing forward. Our site survey will be followed by a CAD drawing created by our design teams which will be used for further planning at a later stage.

Bespoke Retail Design:

Our designer team can provide your company bespoke design choices for almost every strand of your design, such as logo branded manifestations or customised store counters, you are only bound by your creativity or budget.

Proici have in-house teams of extremely talented and qualified individuals who will create specific CAD drawings of your entire retail space to both aid the conceptualisation process and plan in perfect detail how your fit-out will be constructed.

We also offer a selection of storage and expansion options which can improve your business’ efficiency substantially by freeing up unused space or optimising the currently used space. For larger spaces, we can offer our bespoke mezzanine floor services, creating a secondary platform or floor inside your space which is independent of the building structure which can be used for both storage or as a retail floor. We also have an extensive range of retail storage solutions from small store fronts shelving up to warehouse sized pallet racking systems and automation.

Proici Retail Fit-outs:

Proici offers the highest quality, cost effective retail fit-outs around the United Kingdom, utilising only the most qualified, talented and proven teams of individuals who have a wealth of experience behind them to work with you to ensure an impeccable fit-out every time.

We have been fitting out retail spaces consistently ever since our company’s infancy and over our growth we have amassed a pool of experience in not only how to construct a perfect fit-out but also what products to offer you for the most cost efficient and sustainable fit-out possible. At Proici we pride ourselves on our ever-increasing selection of high quality manufacturers, meaning we can provide everything from cashier desks to fully installed air conditioners. All our first-choice manufacturers are tried and tested by Proici so we can personally ensure the quality and durability of the products we deliver to you. We will never provide bias advice when we are choosing products and are always open to new partnerships with trusted sources when required to get the most optimal results for you.

Our fit-outs and design services include the installations of:

  • Partitions
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Washrooms
  • Cabling
  • Furniture fitting
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Signage
  • Ceiling
  • Flooring