Public Spaces

Proici’s Professional Public Sector Design and Fit-outs

At Proici we pride ourselves on our experience working within the public sector, providing everything from simple renovations to complete bespoke turnkey solutions for a selection of public buildings purposed for business, government and for general public institutions for over 15 years.

Proici have provided the highest quality project management teams to deliver precise, practical and sustainable design and fit-out solutions for a number of public sector buildings including hospitals, schools, community and shopping centres and even government buildings.

Site Survey:

We will first undertake a broad and in-depth site survey of your space so we can determine how we can make effective use of your existing space, once this is completed our design team will work on creating a CAD drawing of the space for future reference and planning.

All the work Proici do will be fully compliant with the current building regulations and legislations and we will always advise you if any building or planning permissions are required, even taking it upon ourselves to apply for these on your behalf if you see fit.

Proici Professional Design:

Our accomplished design team will work with you to merge practicality, comfort and sustainability into a cohesive design plan that will help refine and project your buildings presence to your desired clientele. We can arrange to work with your own architects and design teams to help create your vision and create a design that presents your core values to your consumers.

Bespoke Public Sector Design

Here at Proici Commercial interiors, we supply bespoke, company branded planning for almost any facet of our designs, offering you a wealth of exclusive components that you can utilise to stand out amongst the crowd. We offer everything from custom unique shaped desks to company branded manifestations with your only limit being your imagination or budget.

Proici have a professional and skilful team of in-house designers who will develop a CAD drawing of your workspace in order to help conceptualise ideas and also plan in flawless detail how your design and fit-out will be managed and carried on through.

Proici Public Sector Fit-outs:

Proici provide an unrivalled attention to detail and quality within our fit-outs that are founded upon our years of experience accumulated through designing and fitting for a multitude of different public sectors. We understand that your business or institute have work to do and so we cause as little disruptions to your inner workings as possible, meaning that your business can continue to operate during the entire process.

Proici work with a range of high-end manufacturers that have created and supplied everything from furniture to electronics of which are sustainable, fit for purpose and visually presentable for almost every public sector. Proici have tried and tested every manufacturer we use to ensure the continued permanence of everything supplied, we also provide samples of certain products for you to assess for yourself.

Our fit-outs and design services include the installations of:

  • Partitions
  • Suspended Ceilings
  • Washrooms
  • Cabling
  • Furniture fitting
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Signage
  • Ceiling
  • Flooring