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Proici Commercial Interiors: Showroom

Take a tour around our ‘award winning’ office and showroom to experience a taste of our imaginative spaces and stylish furniture.

Our unique vision and experience allows us to deliver distinguished interior design, refurbishment and fit-outs across the country.

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Proici Commercial Interiors: Award Winning Designs since 1998

Welcome to Proici Commercial Interiors, take a tour of our “award winning” office and showroom to see how an imaginative space and stylish furniture can bring a space to life.

Our office and showroom hosts a modern open plan style of working within a uniquely dynamic space, with a wide variety of working environments contained within, allowing for a truly personal approach to the traditional workforce.

The entire space benefits from an extensive use of full glass partitions allowing for a natural spread of light around the entire work space which has been proven to improve the well-being of members of staff and improve productivity.

Find out more below, visit us in Long Bennington or tour our showroom and office online.

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Bringing the Exterior, To the Interior.

The Proici office lends itself to an urban aesthetic theme, bringing an outside touch to the interior by featuring bespoke, genuine graffiti covered walls with artificial grass, pebble and rustic carpeting accompanied by the custom-built caravan focused tea point, the iVan.

Together this differentiates our space from the traditional clean coat office interior whilst providing all necessary facilities for day to day work and inspiring our workforce to think outside the box.

Find out more below, visit us in Long Bennington or tour our showroom and office online.

Proici Showroom - Front of iVan Mobile

The iVan. Innovation evolved

Innovation at its Finest; The Nomad Design.

Progression in the development of technology and mobile devices grants our clients the ability to no longer be confined to the traditional desk, allowing the way we envision our space to expand exponentially.

In history anything that moved around from place to place was described as a Nomad.

Proici Showroom - Inside the iVan Mobile

The Versatility of the Caravan, The Flexibility of the iPhone.

Our in-house Design team pooled it’s creative knowledge to develop our own stylish and symbolic vehicle of choice; the “iVan”.

Based on the stylish iPhone face and a tram like caravan, we have installed a fully integrated kitchen and tea point directly inside the bespoke joinery frame.

The entire build is positioned on-top of a grass carpet alongside the token ice cream cone.

This is an example of our creative teams imagination which can transform every and any environment into our clients vision through bespoke features including the ability to match the buildings aesthetics, fabrics or the personality of our clients.

Proici Showroom - Meeting Room and Board Room Mobile

Flexible Meeting Room: The Future of Presentations

Proici have the ability to reconfigure our clients meeting room with flexible and mobile folding tables, traditional boardroom meeting tables and classroom room layout desking for any occasion.

Our designs offer our clients the best of all worlds, allowing for a dynamic presentation space that can be transformed and altered on the fly to fit our clients requirements and with our integrated power and data installations, we can ensure a perfect presentation and meeting every time.

Natural lighting levels are maintained throughout the spaces through the use of full height glass partitions which are paired with our bespoke glass manifestations to create a truly unique and corporate aesthetic.

Media integration is crucial to any presentation room and we at Proici are masters at making sure our clients are prepared for any opportunity presented to them, from data units and televisions to custom hardware, Proici have got it covered.

Proici Showroom - Soft Seating Smaller Mobile

Multi-functional Soft Seating. Functional spaces without walls

Proici offer the broadest range of multi-functional soft seating and meeting tables, allowing our clients to instantaneously switch between a casual break out space and work station with no effort.

Data and media points are easily integrated into our soft seating options, allowing all the versatility of an office space inside any environment, without the need of wall-space complimenting a fluid work force and dynamic work ethic.

Proici Showroom - Free Standing Seating and Desk Data Intergration

A Stylish and Adaptive, Free Standing Media Centre.

Proici are always prepared to meet requirements therefore our free standing clusters of soft seating can host additional seating and desking installations including data and media points for more compact environments.

Proici Showroom - High Bench Tall table High Seating Space Mobile

High Bench Desking: A Positive Change in Posture

A versatile meeting room can be complemented by utilising high bench seating and table configurations, providing both a standing and sitting workflow for employees and clients.

The space is surrounded by partial glass partitions surrounded by a timber enclosure and full height glass doors.

These high tables work as both a work space and a multifunction communication tool, allowing for interactive team meetings, presentations, space saving breakout tables and more.

Changes in posture that differentiates from the norm stimulates the mind, increasing productivity and idea creation whilst providing an informal or formal communication platform.

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